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Having a strong SEO footprint is vital in today’s marketplace regardless of industry. Any business with a website needs to have a strong sEO strategy in place. Gone are the days where just having a website is enough. Build it and they will come is a thing of the past. Contact us and learn how we can help you.

BSP Design

BSP Design

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Founded by designers with the understanding that keeping things simple, clear and honest makes building client relationships even easier. BSP Designs is a design and marketing agency based in Florida, USA. We combine digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to provide the best solutions to our clients on a global scale.

With our distributed teams located both locally and internationally, we can tailor our solutions to fit just about any clientele. Our design, development and marketing teams have an excellent eye for details. We specialize in creating the best online customer experiences and brand developments. We help you focus on what’s important and remove the unnecessary.

We believe in client collaboration, preferring to work with you rather than for you. This way, we create the preferred solution that you and your business needs to succeed.

Join us as we craft a new brand identity, update your existing brand, or develop an all inclusive digital strategy for your business. We explore wide ranges of possible outcomes in order to make the correct decisions for you.

Design in Minds: Fresh Ideas

"AAA logo" for drawing a logo

This logo maker is a real gift for lovers of time. In just 5 minutes you will create a png masterpiece. AAA logo does not require deep knowledge of graphic design and contains a huge number of different templates and many tools for designing personal logos. It is possible to fine-tune each element separately.

It's simple: pick a color, gradient, transparencies, and write your text. A stylish logo for your company is ready. You can export logos in gif, png, bmp, jpg file format and also easily convert image file produced by AAA Logo to eps, svg or pdf vector. You can download the program for the Windows operating system on this site. Free demo version available.


Something needs to be changed

Many people ask me about the logo for their brand: how to make it recognizable, what is wrong with the logo, etc. The answers, of course, will vary from case to case. After all, a recognizable brand is only at the beginning an influx of customers and popularity. Next, you need to maintain a high level of customer confidence. Otherwise, Toyota will no longer buy your car, someone will decide on att cancel services, but there are also clients who will sue. Including it's not about the logo, but about the quality of the product or service itself. If you work well, people will remember even the logo in the form of a black circle on a white background.


Orange and red colors for website design

Many well-known companies use this color combination as the site's color scheme. These shades refer to warm colors. They are also associated with the 80s. Therefore, the additional impact of orange, red and pink in the aggregate is to evoke nostalgic feelings.

I prefer mixing these colors to achieve a harmonious transition from one block of page design to the next. It looks beautiful and does not get boring.


4 rules for choosing the right logo

For a successful start, you need not only to come up with a "name" for the company, but also to design a suitable logo. It is important to create a "tandem" of name and image. To make the brand's corporate identity memorable, when choosing a logo, observe the following parameters:

  • Suitable colors. It is necessary to choose the right color for the logo (familiarize yourself with the semantics of colors: each color has a meaning, it conveys a certain "message").
  • Clear composition. The logo should be associated with the company. It is desirable that the logo looks minimalistic, but not schematic: let it be simple, but made in the original style.
  • Successful font style. Typically, the logo contains the company name and slogan (optional). Therefore, it is important to choose a font that complements the logo design and makes it more attractive. An unusual font can be used to reflect the direction of the company. He is also able to attract the attention of customers and push them to make purchases.
  • Correctly chosen shape of the icon. Each geometric figure evokes certain associations. This allows you to reflect the strengths of the brand.

Remember how important the mood created by the logo is - the dynamics transmitted by the main semantic segments of the logo will help to set the desired "tone".


How to come up with a name and logo for your company

When thinking about what company name to come up with, pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Euphony. A beautiful, laconic, easy-to-pronounce word is quickly remembered and evokes positive associations (at an unconscious level). The optimal name length is 1-2 words. At the same time, it is desirable that they be associated with the direction of the organization's activities.
  2. Creativity. The name should reflect the creative concept of the company, its atmosphere and philosophy. The unusual name will definitely grab the attention of customers. However, when choosing a name, you should not focus only on this criterion: not all creative names are suitable for a company.
  3. Compliance with the requests and needs of the audience. It is important that the name reflects the essence of the activity, briefly tells about the direction of the brand.
  4. Taking into account the age and financial situation of potential customers. This information will help you choose the most effective name and logo.


Choosing a logo

In the early 2000s, original, semantic logos with double meanings were in trend. The letters could resemble some kind of product or service, the combination of two or more elements gave a semantic detail to the entire logo. Today, many brands are returning to minimalism and simplification. An example of this is the logo of the football club Juventus.

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Beauty in simplicity is a modern trend.