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Website design in a dark style: yes or no?

Today, owners of Internet resources everywhere use dark designs to give the site a stylish and relaxing look. 

Most users interact with their devices at any time of the day, so it is important that when visiting a resource or application, the client can comfortably view the appearing elements of the display. As it happens, dark-colored themes become more pleasing to the eye, accordingly, people respond better to the interface of applications and sites made in a dark theme. In addition, research suggests that dark design saves battery life on a mobile device, which means customers will stay in the app longer and stay on the site longer.

In 2020, the world's leading brands have provided a myriad of different designs that are done in dark gray tones. For example, Google has created new solutions for its drive in this style. 

Why the dark design?

Before we start diving into sorting out the dark theme for your project, let's understand what it is and what the effectiveness of darkened project blocks is. 

Ultimately, creating a graphic design in a darkened version, the developer reduces the irritation of bright colors, and increase the time you visit the site. If you view the information resource late at night, the dark gray colors will make the screen less bright, so the glow for others will not be noticeable.

There are some advantages that will only be achieved by using a dark theme. Let's list them.

The best practical tips to follow for creating your own unique dark style

Creating an original dark mode is much easier than it may seem. To do so, just think and imagine how you can replace some parts of the website with darker colors. 

Here are a few tips that may come in handy when creating a design theme.

1. Experiment with colors.

When it comes to design, many designers stop at the standard white text color and completely black background. But it is better to choose other colors. For example, make a dark gray background. Many companies recommend using the color palette #121212. When developing a design in a graphic editor, there is a tool "palette", which will come in handy when editing or there is an alternative - to use one of the online services.  

Experiment with different color palettes to find the right solution. From light gray to black, there are a lot of color combinations to choose from. By picking the right colors, you can showcase the shadows on a gray background.

Keep in mind that when choosing a palette, some colors may not go well together. This can be painful for users, for example, too bright color on a black background, or on the contrary, the font merges with the background. Usually if such sites are found, users do not stay long on them. 

Lighter tones, which are in the range of 200 to 50, go better with a dark gray background. You can always experiment and find the right fit in the Google Material Design service. It's recommended to make the contrast choice between the background and text about 15:8:1.

2. Emotional content is the most important part of the designer's job.

A major part of the designer's job is picking your color combinations. Picking too bright colors, you can get carried away, especially for those who work mostly with white. However, you should always remember that you are developing a site aimed at users who prefer a more relaxed style. 

While you make the graphical shell of the resource, consider the emotional aspect of the website, as it affects sales. The emotions a customer experiences can encourage them to make a purchase, or conversely, leave the page. However, the psychological aspect is difficult to grasp, as the psyche of all customers is different. People perceive shades differently, especially if they are located on a black background.  

Think about how the green color will be combined with a certain background, for example, with light. In this case, will convey an association with nature, or even with financial well-being. If you apply the same color with a dark background, then the association will be with something poisonous or toxic. Above all, you need to think about the user. What impressions will visitors get if they come to your resource?

3. Allow freedom of choice.

The main mistake in the design is that the webmaster initially assumes that his concept will like all and eliminates the possibility of choice. Therefore, the web developer with all his might focused on the creation of a single, in his opinion, the right solution. 

And here comes the problem faced by the visitor. Not everyone may have the same tastes as the designer. Therefore, customers, going to the page, prefer to get two versions of the website design to choose the right one for themselves. If you are engaged in serious design need to give users the freedom of choice, ie, to be able to switch between the dark and light styles. 

Learning how to properly implement the style of the Internet project will allow you to attract as many customers as possible. Remember, it is required to test several variants of your site. This way, you will make sure that the project is displayed equally in the two themes, both light and dark. 

Also take into account the possibility of coming in from different digital devices, which means that you'll need to properly configure the blocks so that they display equally on smartphones, tablets and computers. 

Although the dark and light modes should provide different graphics, the user should still have the feeling of being on the same site when they visit the pages. This means experimenting with the color combinations of the two modes and finding the point of convergence where the user will know for sure that they are on the same site and not on a different one. 

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